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Q: What kind of electronics are used?

A: BSX Basses house Bartolini Electronics. An active circuit which features a master volume, treble-cut & boost, mid range and bass-cut & boost. The system incorporates a 3-band EQ, on-board preamp, and an individual volume control for each string. This works in conjunction with our multi-sensor Piezo Bridge.


Q: How many models do you make and can you give me a description?

A: We presently make 1 bass model, The Allegro which is available in 4 & 5 string models.  It is geared toward the upright player who desires the look and feel of an upright bass - IN THE CLASSICAL VIOLIN SHAPE. 3-band EQ w/treble cut and boost.


Q: Can your basses be played Pizzicato and Arco?

A: Yes, all of them can.


Q: Is the action adjustable?

A: Yes, all BSX models are adjustable by way of a quick and easy pivot system that changes the angle of the neck.


Q: How adjustable is the end pin?

A: BSX Basses have a 24" adjustable end pin. Also available in shorter and longer sizes depending on preference.


Q: Could you tell me about your Gig Bag?

A: Our Gig Bag is made of tear resistant Cordura with 1" thick padding all around and accommodates both neck on & off modes.


Q: Is there any possible distortion or feedback?

A: NO. All BSX Basses are shielded, no hums or feedback are prevalent and it records exceptionally well.


Q: What type of strings are used?

A: As a standard string, BSX uses D'Addario Helicore Hybrid stings. We also offer the Thomastik Spirocore Weich as an upgrade.


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